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In February 2014 I started an experiment. The aim of the experiment was to see if it was possible to make money consistently using one of the bookmakers favorite bets, a lucky 15. The bookmakers love the bet so much they offer us bonuses to try and tempt us in to placing them. Surely we can not make money using a bet the bookmakers love so much.....

The bets were posted every night to a members only horse racing forum. Well after almost 2 years the results are in! 2014 showed a return on investment of 46.48% and 2015 showed a return of 38.42%. Although the experiment was designed to maximise returns using lucky 15 bets, backing the selections in singles also showed a healthy profit at advised prices, 8.66% in 2014 and 18.26% in 2015.

After testing the selection process for 2 years, I feel now is the right time to make future selections available to a wider audience, hence the creation of this website. 

I have now extended to service to include a lucky 15 bet on English football matches. Whilst I trial the methodology, the football bet will be available for free to everyone on this site. The bet is designed to be placed with Bet365 as they offer bonuses on football lucky 15 bets. I will always quote Bet365 prices for this bet, and bets will be settled using those prices. The bet will be available the day before there is a full English footbal program. A tweet and notification to the app will be made when the bets are posted. 

When signing up to the horseracing service you will be given a one month trial membership. Hopefully during this month you should make enough profit to cover the cost of subscription before you have to make a payment.



Please enter the email address for your account. A verification code will be sent to you. Once you have received the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.

Monthly Profits

Lucky / Singles
November 2018
-15 / -4
October 2018
1.63 / 2.4
September 2018
-20.4 / -2.2
August 2018
-23.3 / -3.65
May 2018
-0.98 / 1.79
April 2018
-15.9 / -2.33
March 2018
-49.15 / -5.73
February 2018
-19.71 / 7.44
January 2018
6.83 / 8.28
December 2017
7.58 / -1.35
November 2017
-2.38 / 0.54
October 2017
-47.22 / -4.6
September 2017
68.15 / 9.9
August 2017
50.84 / 4.61


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